How to handle a blind date

One of the girls on the front desk of Hertfordshire escorts in, recently called me up and asked me if I wanted to do a blind date. A gentleman who was already dating a girl at Hertfordshire escorts on a regular basis wanted a date for his friend and he thought that I would be the right girl for the job. I had done blind dates before, and in the last couple of years, I have sort of learned how to handle them.


Going on a blind date is just like going on a first date with a new gent. You have to realise that you are not going to know a lot about him, so you have to take things in your stride. So far, I have not been on a  blind date which has not worked out okay. You can really tell a lot from what restaurant you get invited to and so on. If it a classy restaurant, you know that you will be dealing with a sophisticated person. Luckily, most of the gentlemen who like to date Hertfordshire escorts are nice.


The most difficult thing used to be to know how to dress. As I have a lot more experience with dating since the early days of Hertfordshire escorts and I now put on a classical cocktail dress and off I go. It normally works out, but at the same time, I know that it is very important to be friendly and chatty. You don’t want to come across as a boring or reserved person. It is after all likely the other person will feel a  little bit awkward on the first date.


Will he realise that you are an escort? Yes, he will more than likely realise you are from an escort service and if someone asks, I will always tell them that I work for Hertfordshire escorts. Some girls, not necessary from our escort agency, lie to their dates and say that they are not escorts. It does not have a positive effect at all, and I would never do that. It could be that the gent has really enjoyed your company and would like to see you again. If you then lie to him, you are not going to get a call from him. It is all about forming relationships, and if you want to be good as escorting and do well, it is important to appreciate that.


Above all, I think it is important to be yourself. It will make the date much easier and I never believe in putting on an act anyhow at Hertfordshire escorts. I always bring my personality to work and let the gents I meet at the escort agency in Hertfordshire meet the real me. Perhaps that is what makes me such a popular escort in Hertfordshire. I  have known many of regulars for a few years now, and they keep coming back to me. Blind dates or not, so far I have only met nice gents in this part of Hertfordshire.

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