She didn’t feel safe, so being indecisive makes a woman feel unsafe.

Because she doesn’t really know where she stands with you in the relationship. this lack of feeling safe can occur in a number of different ways for a woman. if you are a tender nice guy who is really concerned about confrontation and making sure that things are very easy in the relationship with her, and that there’s a harmony chances are she probably didn’t feel safe according to Welling Escorts of which seems counter intuitive doesn’t it right? it’s like “okay well I’m fighting with her then how is she going to feel safe” well, if you are avoiding confrontation avoiding fights again she doesn’t really know who you are, she doesn’t really know what you stand for, she doesn’t really know what your values are. many times a fight is a vehicle for your true authentic self to come out in and to express your needs to express your desires. to actually change the course in the direction of the relationship to deepen it and allow the two of you to get closer and closer and of course this lack of safety manifests in other more subtle ways in the relationship as well, if you’re using manipulative control tactics to get your needs met in the relationship with her such as:

  • interrogating her
  • intimidating her verbally
  • pulling away and stonewalling her

when she is being emotional and trying to express her needs and you pull away and break the connection or say you offer an ultimatum like “I can’t deal with this and if this continues, I’m not going to be in a relationship with you anymore”. all of those things just threaten and eat away at the foundation and cause her to close up and protect herself from being hurt. naturally when a woman protects herself from being hurt if that’s the habit that she gets into when she’s around you her heart will eventually close up and she will have nothing else to give, she will not be willing to make or take any risks of vulnerability in the relationship with you which ultimately brings her to a point where she’s just going to say “I just don’t feel anymore for you and I’m done”. just a few other ways to look at how she may not feel safe in a relationship, is when she brings a topic to the table are you immediately getting defensive when she expresses her feelings do you feel like it’s a personal attack against you? and immediately you start defending and using logic and trying to invalidate her point of view. are you attacking her or invalidating her sense of reality and her emotions? asked to Welling Escorts because every time you do that you may win the argument but you destroy the connection between the two of you. she will feel that the two of you are no longer on the same team, and that the only person that really has her back is possibly her friends, or maybe even the other guy that she started texting because she is looking for some type of validation that she’s not getting in the relationship with you anymore.

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